playlist 4 december

Artist. Track. Cd title. Source

caroline bergvall. about face. oslo poetry festival. nypoesi

charles bachman. fragmentia praecox; villanelle. sampler CD.

cole swensen. orangeries. FELIX reading series. private recording.

ezra pound. canto 51; canto 84. ezra pound reads. caedmon.

george oppen. image of the engine; san francisco poems. new collected poems. new directions.

kathryn mockler. Lucky; murder. sampler cd.

kurt kroncke. tooth crusty finger wipes. kronkaphone.

nikki giovanni. the only true lovers are chefs. nikki giovanni poetry collection. caedmon.

paul squires. fishing in a dry country. gingatao.

susan stewart. braid. studio 111. pennsound.

tracy k smith. flores woman; one man at a time. from the fishouse.

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