Update: aphasia, contemporary poetry

Responding to my 14 july post, “Contemporary poetry: schizophrenia vs. aphasia,” reader Albert-Jan from the Netherlands writes that he’s putting together a proposal for a doctoral thesis and seeks “one poem and one aphasic transcript … “I think I’d be most convincing if it’s hard or impossible to distinguish one text from the other. I haven’t done much research yet, but I’d be very grateful if you could send me some examples. I am intending to look in a book on psychopathology for transcripts on aphasia. Just email me and perhaps we could join forces.”

He provides a link to a documentary video about aphasia (Director: Mores McWreath, October 2005). The goal of the video, Picturing Aphasia, is “to allow people who have just developed aphasia an opportunity to understand that rehabilitation is not only possible but likely.” The link leads to unedited transcripts of the interviews conducted for the film, and a full transcript of the final edited documentary.


One thought on “Update: aphasia, contemporary poetry

  1. Well, I appreciate the opportunity to just point out one presupposition here, in the interests of helping an obviously serious and scholarly approach. “rehabilitation is not only possible but likely” doesn’t address the question of whether it’s desirable. Language is fluid and reflexive and without looseness at the edges, explored by poets, that is to say, should we all speak sensibubbly all the time?

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