Contemporary Poetry forum should be engaging

Over the last couple years Wordsalad has aired occasional selections from the Academy of American Poets’ Audio Archive series. In a couple weeks I’ll be able to meet some of the poets in person.

I’m looking forward to attending the Academy’s Forum on Contemporary Poetry in Manhattan Nov. 6-8.  I’d enjoy hearing from you if you’re planning to attend.

Things begin Thursday evening, 6 November, with reading at the Times Center that’s scheduled to feature 15 poets including Lyn Hejinian, Sharon Olds, and Robert Pinsky.

On Friday we’ll take walking tours. I signed up for the West Village poetry tour, led by Sarah Gambino, and the Harlem poetry tour, led by Tracy K. Smith. That evening we’ll attend an awards ceremony and reception at The New School.

Saturday’s all-day forum will include four 70-minute sessions at NYU. They’re titled “Poems in place,” “Twisting and turning,” “Danger and difficulty,” and “The aesthetic self or the Anxiety of I.” A party Saturday evening at The New School will launch the Fall issue of the journal The American Poet.


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