playlist 4 september

Artist. Track. Cd title. Label

gil scott heron. re-ron. best of. arista

minton sparks. dark socks. sin sick.

peter gizzi. A panic that can still come. close listening. pennsound

gabrielle bouliane. red. live poets.

kurt kroncke. must’ve been with ruster binwiddy. kronkaphone.

anne brechin. larkin’s aubade. wolf poetry magazine.

dylan thomas. a refusal to mourn the death of a child by fire. dylan thomas collection. harper collins audio

myra schneider. bied. magma poetry magazine.

e e cummings. a man who had fallen among thieves. voice of the poet. harper collins audio

cin salach. evolution. reVerse. reVerse

steve ausherman. the day they decided. bernheim sessions. restlesstribes com

angela dove. selfportrait as a drowned man. magma poetry magazine.

paul squires. anti blog christians. gingatao.

maureen jivani. the collector. wolf poetry magazine. wolf poetry magazine

david moss. africa. moss tales. edel

simone muench. spectacle: possession. reVerse. reverse

Music:   Gas. Konigsforst. Mille plateaux

Listen to the show


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