playlist 21 august

anne waldman. empty space. poetry in motion.

frank burton. i cant get no customer satisfaction. collected words.

jack kerouac. the last hotel & some of dharma. blues & haikus. hanover.

james joyce. finnegans wake excerpt. james joyce audio collection. harper collins.

jeanne beaumont. hotel grimm. rattapallax 6.

joan labarbara. shadow song. sound paintings. lovely music.

john latta. poem. WTJU reading 1989. private recording.

john most. thirteen. persephone.

juliana spahr. nature poetry 1. SUNY Buffalo 2001. pennsound.

kate light. rules of sleep. rattapallax .

lauren gudath. you see whats evident. kenning 12.

robert creeley. bresson’s movies. poetry in motion.

robert pinsky. poem of disconnected parts. poets of our time. academy of american poets.

tan lin. from ambient stylistics. close listening. pennsound.

zoe anglesey. zaffre. rattapallax 14.

Music:  Bill Laswell. endemic void. oscillations & remixes. sub rosa.

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