Hummingbird’s tumbling!

A Voweller’s Bestiary: From aardvark to guineafowl (and H)
JonArno Lawson
Porcupine’s Quill, 2008. 90 p.

Taking cues from Dr. Seuss, Richard Wilbur, bp Nichol, Christian Bo:k and others, JonArno Lawson offers a book for children (and their adults) based on a love of wordplay and the self-imposed restrictions of the lipogram—words and sentences using only a limited set of vowels.

A Voweller’s Bestiary is an alphabet book based on vowel combinatiuons, rather than initial letters.

Iguana burial rituals
Causing iguanas
Spiritual anguish.


Aloof racoons gambol across woodlands
Accost stoats, goad toads
Loaf among oaks, swallow acorns,
Also oats.
Wanton racoon oafs, amok
Adopt gloam’s cloak:
Roam along
Afloat almost.

Add to these lighthearted poems Lawson’s charming illustrations and you have a book that will delight children as it teaches them about the sounds of language.


One thought on “Hummingbird’s tumbling!

  1. Cool, I’ve never seen that before. Only using the vowels in the animal’s name, a lipogram. That opens up a series of interesting ideas. Thanks, Paul.

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