playlist 14 august

artist.  track.   cd title.  label

alaina r. alexander. putting your time in. compilation cd.

barbara decesare. Burn; elegy. adrift.

bart baxter. blowin tattoo. live poets.

elizabeth bishop. the waiting room. voice of the poet. random house audio

galway kinnell. neverland. poets of our time.

gregory hischak. end of the world bake sale. live poets.

janet kuypers. being god. fusion.

john Bloomberg-rissman. painting bodies. private recording.

john latta. epilogue city. WTJU reading 1989. private recording

larissa shmailo. how to meet and dance with your death. exorcism.

lenny bruce. enchanting Transylvania; how to relax your colored friends at parties. howls raps & roars. fantasy

paul squires. writer as libertine. gingatao.

sarah mckinstry brown. in the sixth month. transplant.

Music:  jeff harrington. hammered wind dances. jeff harrington.

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4 thoughts on “playlist 14 august

  1. I used to have a double vinyl album with of Lenny Bruce with that bit on it. Classic. Thanks for the linkage, I’m honoured to be in that company. Larissa Schmailo is supercool.

  2. Yes, I like Larissa’s stuff. She’s versatile and delivers really well. The Fantasy compilation with the Lenny Bruce material is available on CD. I’ll play more from that set.

  3. WOW! I was driving through the Madison area and surfing for good community radio….then BAM! Larissa Schmailo! I was glad I was able to hold on to the signal until the show was over! Now, I am overjoyed to find your site. Thanks! Must be good Karma!

  4. Hi. thanks mucho for the comment. I’m always looking for pointers to exciting new writers. Please let me know about people you find rad and fabulous.

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