playlist 7 august

Slam Poetry Special
artist. track. CD title

andrea gibson. swing set. new high score

barbara adler. i’m so anarchic. new high score

big poppa E & Aaron yamaguchi & Gary glazner. haiku face off. slice of Po v.1

buddy wakefield. disclaimer. freedom to speak

celena glenn. roach motel. Urbana 2002

cristin aptowicz. long distance. new high score

gabrielle bouliane. i know a few things. slice of po v.1

gary glazner. turkish haircut. slice of Po v.1

george mckibbens. circus. urbana 2002

laurie schmidt. our mark. grand slam

marc smith. the little guy. grand slam

shappy. my babies. new high score

taylor mali. voice of america V/O. Urbana 2002

tracie morris. on and on. grand slam

For good reading on the history of slam poetry, see Words in Your Face by Cristin Aptowicz

Listen to the show


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