playlist 10 july

artist. title. album. label

allen ginsberg. stanzas written at night in radio city. the lion for real. mouth almighty

ani di franco. drum groove. interview. righteous babe

charles bukowski. the shoelace. reads his poetry. fantasy

daphne gottlieb. tips for girls. slamerica live from moxie’s. wordsmith

el guante. fortune. vanishing point. el guante

gina loring. one race. freedom to speak natl. slam 2002. poetryslam com

jenifer wightman. seeping. freedom to speak natl. slam 2002. poetryslam com

maggie estep. jenny’s shirt. love is a dog from hell. mouth almighty

michael cirelli. vinyl. berzerkeley slam. whole enchilada

nazelah jamison. my love. berzerkeley slam. whole enchilada

piece. truth seerum. slamerica live from moxies. wordsmith

sekou tha misfit. the lesson. afrodeezyackz. blind faith

urknee & bjurton. child & claude. live at AV Sound space. private recording

steve roach & vidna oobmana. revealing the secret. ascension of shadow. projekt


2 thoughts on “playlist 10 july

  1. G’day, Paul. Great links from a resource point of view but the first three I hit all wanted money. I can get equally good (what, poetry doesn’t come off the streets i hear you say, it comes out of the mouths of experienced professionals, I hear your hip New Yorker buddies saying, how about podcasting some free unknowns, not me, but one at a time, someone who rocks that I don’t have to pay for would go in my sidebar, otherwise, keep up the good work, just the word on the street, he says, slurring off drunkenly into the distance,

  2. Hi Paul. I do try to avoid linking to commercial sites. As much as possible I try to link to artist’s own pages. (And even then they’re usually happy to sell copies of their CDs.) I hope you’ll give me some credit for airing the work of newer artists and lesser-known ones. My About page provides contact information, and I sometimes directly solicit mp3s from interesting-looking people. Sometimes they send them, sometimes they don’t. Record some audio tracks and send ’em my way.

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