playlist 3 july

Artist. Track. CD title. Label

aya de leon. the down low. joy in the struggle. ayadeleon com

caroline bergvall. hosts tale; kruppe. conceptual poetry conference. U of Arizona

christie taylor. prizefight. wsum reading. private recording

corbet dean. wandering words. a collection of crime scenes. corbetdean com

el guante. we could live easy. vanishing point.

jennifer moxley. the railing. poetic brooklyn. pennsound

john bloomberg-rissman. 3 recent sonnets; six sonnets. sampler disc. private recording

larissa shmailo. skin. exorcism. songcrew

queen sheba. hate crimes; hello mama africa. i confess.

sekou tha misfit. aspyxiation fetish. afrodeezyackz.

taalam acey. obvious 2 U. underground heavy. taalamacey com

taylor mali. when does the human heart rest. icarus airlines. words worth ink

steve roach & vidna obmana. the memory pool. ascension of shadows. projekt


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