playlist 19 june

artist.  track.  cd title.  label
andrea gibson. profit. when the bough breaks. andreagibson org

charles bukowski. the genius of the crowd; the poetry reading. uncensored. caedmon audio

christie taylor. still life with flypaper; the ninth. WSUM reading. private recording

janet kuypers. grab the others neck; the last before extinction. compilation cd. janetkuypers com

jesse glass. hospital singing; kid poem. compilation cd. private recording

larissa shmailo. how my family survived the camp; hunts point counterpoint. the no net world. songcrew com

marc smith. i wanted to be; nightbound. quarters in the jukebox. slampapi com

sylvia plath. fever 103. voice of the poet. randomhouse audio

tom raworth. Meadow; unable to create carrier. no hard feelings for steve lacy. corbett vs Dempsey

steve roach. somewhere else. ascension of shadows. projekt


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