playlist 12 june

Artist. Track. Cd title. label

Be Blank consort. spank. sound mess. luna bisonte

bob holman. picasso in Barcelona; for paul and everybody else. the awesome whatever. bowery records

check stebelton. millions now living will never die; man hands has rowdy feet. denver reading. private recording

david french. self evident. frog peak collaborations.

gertrude stein. a portrait of TS Eliot. gertrude stein reads. caedmon

H.D. helen is of course that helen. sound states. U of NC press

hugo ball. gadji beri bimba. sound states. u of NC Press

isadore isou. rituel somptueux pour la selection. sound states. U of NC Press

jeanne spicuzza. Woman/ women. jeanne spicuzza.

jennifer moxley. old systems of enrollment; the new constant. poetic brooklyn. pennsound

maja ratkje. acid. voice. ecm

sarah mckinstry brown. you are dangerous. transplant. midverse com


4 thoughts on “playlist 12 june

  1. Your links are fantastic. I wish I had more time to explore them all. I keep putting reminders on my todo list and then something breaks down or someone panics and so forth. But I still have you out there in front of me pointing the way forward, some of these sites are amazing. Have a fantabulous day.

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