playlist 8 may

artist. track. cd title. label

bob holman. January;  on the street named pedro. awesome whatever. bowery

caroline bergvall. Gong; penn sound singles. pennsound

chuck stebelton. the aspiration gene; the second coming. denver reading. private recording

genny lim. the only language she knows. Lip: the cd with a big mouth. ruby throat

ima aikio arianack. sami poetry. rattapallax v 13. rattapallax

jane ormerod. notorious. nashville invades manhattan.

john m bennett. blade me down; cloud gg nat. la m al. luna bisonte

minton sparks. killing time; mama flies a car. this dress. mintonsparks com

ron silliman. co payment; elegy for larry eigner. segue reading series. pennsound

sapphire. face in the wilderness. poems not fit for the white house.

tom raworth. all fours; wit wither. big slippers on. Pennsound


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