playlist 17 april

artist. track. CD title. label

andrea brady. wildfire part 1. archive of the now.

andrei codrescu. city lights. no tacos for saddam. gang of seven BMG

BeBlank consort. on the barge of the soud; sound mess. Sound Mess. luna bisonte

hoa nguyen. no sleep; pretty headdress. FELIX series. private recording

jackson mac low & anne tardos. 4 vocabulary gathas in memoriam. doings. granary books

jackson mac low anne tardos. tara gatha 1975. doings. granary books

jesse glass. in ears of crusted flint; Uta (sound poem). recordings 2006-07. private recording

john m bennett. finitudna, flaando, floont, flump nor, fluunt, folko. globbolalia. luna bisonte

laurie anderson. the end of the world; the salesman. the ugly one with the jewels. warner

maid naficy. night. rattapallax v 13. rattapallax

sigurbjorg thrastardottir. action squad operation 0402; standard fear. rattapallax v 13. rattapallax

steve mccaffery. the parables. reading at the ear inn. pennsound


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