[Black, (Irish,] Despair)

Last night Laurie Anderson brought her Homeland show to Madison’s Overture Center for the Arts. Her poems and songs addressed issues both topical universal. Her music, stagecraft, and technological tools are the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down–a bitter medicine of searing political and social commentary. On the way out of the theater I heard someone say to his friend, ‘That’s the Laurie Anderson I know and love.’


2 thoughts on “[Black, (Irish,] Despair)

  1. She’s still banging ’em out and knockin ’em dead. All New York attitude, I liked John Cooper Clarke, I suppose in a way they were leaders, reclaiming a bit of the performance to poetry that had trickled away and is now coming back in a rush, the oral tradition,

  2. Seeing her perform again has nudged me toward including some of her material on this week’s radio show. Although I wouldn’t call her material experimental, her delivery is unique.

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