playlist 3 april

BeBlank consort. ohre; incantation. sound mess. beblank

bob holman. she never phoned me back. the awesome whatever. bowery records

hoa nguyen. they sell you what disappears. Red Juice. private recording

janet kuypers. yeah. private recording.

phan nhien hao. portraits of 3 overseas vietnamese. FELIX reading series. private recording

steve mccaffery. this piece starts about 4 inches down. pennsound.

sumner carnahan. manananggal. carnahan / sonami. burning books

alan licht. excerpts. sound art: beyond music, between categories. rizzoli



2 thoughts on “playlist 3 april

  1. You always have such interesting links, I wish I had more time to explore them, this book “Night, Fish, and Charlie Parker” by Phan Nhien Hao looks fantastic, and there are some very interesting readings amongst the links too, thanks,

  2. thanks for the kind words. I am fortunate to have live readings to record here, and the resources of a great public library system and the university libraries as well. I am really looking forward to hearing Lynn Hejinian read next weekend in Milwaukee.

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