playlist 14 february

alix olson. pirates. independence meal.

arthur miller. sentences not in code. poems not fit for the white house.

david francis. nightmarish building. poems.

frank o’hara. all that gas. voice of the poet. random house

harry polkinhorn. alone with my thoughts. firewall of flesh. audio muzixa qet

jane ormerod. michelle. nashville invades manhattan.

jesse glass. vlaminck. sampler cd. ahadada books

joan retallack. existenceis an attribute. SUNY Buffalo. pennsound

karen finley. it’s my body. certain level of denial.

lisa gill. caput nili part 2. caput nili.

lyn hejinian. 11. redo. pennsound

muriel rukeyser. the poem as mask. voice of the poet.

various. selections. harangue I. earsay productions


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