playlist 31 january

Artist. Track. Cd title. Label

ann lauterbach. hum. poems not fit for the white house.

bruce andrews. devo habit. suny buffalo 1992. pennsound.

david francis. Arrondissement; penultimate actual. poems.

elise kermani. spiral. aerial 4. Aerial: a journal in sound. nonsequitur foundation

harry polkinhorn. a deck of common playing cards. fire wall of flesh. audio muzixa qet.

joan retallack. from ‘errata suite.’ SUNY Buffalo 1993. pennsound.

john cage & noah creshevsky. in other words. in other words.

karen finley. in memory of. a certain level of denial. rykodisc.

lyn hejinian. 7; 8. redo. pennsound.

mozart guerrier. Meg. mp3 sampler.

suheir hammad. if was was not an option. poems not fit for the white house.

tom raworth. the mosquito and the moon. segue reading series. pennsound.

john cage. selections. music for prepared piano v2. naxos.
ken vandermark. selections. furniture music. okkadisk.


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