Form letter (clip and save)

Dear Editor,
I enjoyed reading the book ___________.
Thanks for sending a copy. It was a good read.

In this book as in so many others, however, I notice a confusion between the words cord and chord, particularly in the phrase ‘vocal cord.’

A cord is a kind of string or filament, or a part of the human body that resembles one, as in spinal cords, umbilical cords, or vocal cords. I have a set of vocal cords, everyone has a set of vocal cords. They are little strings in our throats.


A chord is something else entirely. A chord is the sounding of 3 or more simultaneous musical pitches; for example, a c minor chord, a D major chord.


Please note that there is *no such thing* as a ‘vocal chord’ (or a голосовые связки).

End of rant. Thank you.


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