Writers nominate favorites of 2007

Over at Third Factory, Steve Evans gathers and ranks nominations from 46 contributors who discuss nearly 500 titles—mostly poetry, but also film, music, art, and other things as well—in this year’s installment of Attention Span, Third Factory’s annual survey of what writers and critics are thinking and talking about.

Top three titles, by frequency of mention:
Jasper Bernes. Starsdown: Ingirumimusnocteetcconsumimurigni
Juliana Spahr. The Transformation: Atelos
Hannah Weiner, ed. Patrick F. Durgin. Hannah Weiner’s Open House: Kenning

Top five authors, by frequency of mention:
Alice Notley, Jennifer Moxley, Juliana Spahr, Anne Boyer, and Roberto Bolaño.

The 46 contributors referred to a total of 486 books, chapbooks, songs, films, magazines, websites, exhibits, and other cultural phenomena in their lists.


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