playlist 27 december

Artist. track. CD title. label.
brian michael tracy. because we are water. midnight tea. midnight tea

cecil taylor. track 3. chinampas. ubuweb

christian bok. chapter A (excerpt). eunoia. ubuweb

dan machlin. letter to D. dear body. private recording

eric baus. while the somnambulist. FELIX poetry reading series. private recording

janet holmes. glassicaglia. face to face. notre dame.

jesse glass. to a young bride; still life with dragonfly. private recording. ahadada books

julianna spahr. poem written after sept 11 2001. mills college. pennsound

laura sims. blank. Stranger (forthcoming). private recording

leslie scalapino. from floats horse floats. kelly writers house. pennsound

olga broumas. digestibles of sun. listeners guide. copper canyon press

paula claire. breeze. konkrete canticle. ubuweb

steve mccaffery. the curve to its answer. live at the ear. pennsound

steve roach. gone west; a daze wage; a bigger sky. from dust to dust. projekt
steve roach. between the gray and the purple; void memory one; infinite shore. magnificent void. fathom


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