playlist 20 september

Artist. Track. cd title. Label

alix olson. womyn before. independence meal.

apes of god. chat with a witch doctor; walking around. edge of arrival.

bill allegrezza. a question; agreed comp voice. compilation.

caroline bergvall. not tale. compilation. penn sound

fj bergmann. all she needs; instead. compilation.

glenis redmond. hood high. monumental.

jarrod fowler. fowler to fowler; kosuth to fowler. translation as rhythm. errant bodies

juliana spahr. nature poetry 2; march 27 and 30. penn sound

marc smith. my father’s coat; i wanted to be. quarters in the jukebox.

marge piercy. the low road; grey flannel sexual harrassment suit. louder. leapfrog

olivia mccannon. unborn. the wolf v 11.

tan lin. RFID. close listening. penn sound

fouad. arabian dreams. destination marrakesh. destination
kyle gann. long night. long night. cold blue
taschen. carnival. destination marrakesh. Destination


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