playlist 13 september


Artist. Track. Cd title. Label
andrea brady. wildfire part 4. archive of the now.

brian kim stefans. axis thinking. kelly writers house. penn sound

caroline bergvall. summer tale; host’s tale. penn sound.

james byrne. beachy head. wolf 11. wolf journal

jesse glass. zamzummin songs and mad dances. compilation.

john tuschen. last leaf; one moment. then and now.

juliana spahr. we arrived. nature poetry 3. SUNY Buffalo. penn sound

marc smith. being in love; nobody’s here. quarters in the jukebox.

marge piercy. the fundamental truth; the clock in the closet. louder. leapfrog audiobooks

minton sparks. aunt shines face lift. sin sick.

susan howe. from speeches at the barriers. live at the ear. penn sound

tan lin. index. close listening. penn sound


luigi archetti. 1 and 2 and 5. februar. unit records
morton feldman. extensions I for violin and piano. new directions in music 2. columbia
vertonen. 1 and 2. stations. c i p


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