playlist 6 september

artist. track. cd title. label
allen ginsberg. ballad of the skeletons. ballad of the skeletons. mouth almighty

andrea brady. friendship. archive of the now.

ani di franco. it started with the drum groove.

brian kim stefans. all of her theory; the umm uh poem. penn sound.

caroline bergvall. franker tale; more pets. Pennsound.

glenis redmond. surely not my brother. monumental.

john tuschen. Angela’s cello; 19 darcy street. then and now.

maja ratkje. dictaphone jam. voice. rune grammafon

marge piercy. a day in the life; for two women shot to death. louder. leapfrog audiobooks

mark leech. snowfall in woodlands. the wolf, v 11.

niall mcdevitt. the yawn. the wolf, v 11.

richard kostelanetz. from openings and closings. openings and closings.

sheila chandra. speaking in tongues. moonsung. real world


michael brook. distant village; hybrid. hybrid. EG /opal

scott morris. invocation y danza; introduction and variations. invocation. eroica

white winged moth. kayo. ribbon arcade. formacentric


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