playlist 23 august

Artist. Track. Cd title. Label

andrea brady. Wildfire, parts 2 and 3. archive of the now.

anne sexton. making a living. anne sexton reads. caedmon

bob holman. poetry by number. in with the out crowd. mouth almighty

bruce andrews. Valentines; primum mobile. SUNY Buffalo 2001. PENNsound

gertrude stein. portrait of henri matisse. gertrude stein reads. caedmon

glenis redmond. a simple act. monumental.

karen volkman. no noise subtracts it. american poets in the 21st century. wesleyan u

leslie scalapino. delay rose. close listening. PENNsound

rusty russell. milk moon; by the river. jungle of roses.

tom raworth. death to a star. no hard feelings. corbett vs dempsey

urknee and bjurton. arc. free gin and tonic poets.


jan garbarek. selections from Rites. ECM

leticia castaneda. selections from On the verge of redundance. CIP

stewart dempster. Didjeridervish. In the great abbey of clement VI. new albion


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