playlist 9 august

artist. title. album. label
allen ginsberg. howl III. kronos quartet: Howl USA.

andrea gibson. i do. when the bough breaks.

anne sexton. the ambition bird. anne sexton reads. caedmon

carol novack. what to do with the babies. compilation.

frank burton. javelin. collected words: the poetry album.

jesse glass. dead hand blues. compilation. ahadada books

john most. Eleven; twelve. persephone. aqp collective

leslie scalapino. Can’t is night. close listening. penn sound

lyn hejinian. from The Guard. woodland pattern 1985. penn sound

mark levine. Willow; work song. american poets in the 21st century.

mike daily. cut to a commercial. alarm the novel.

minton sparks. when you coming home girl? this dress.

stacy doris. from Conference. american poets in the 21st century.

brian eno & david byrne. mea culpa; regiment. my life in the bush of ghosts. sire
david darling. darkwood IV dawn. darkwood. ecm
gavin bryars. invention of tradition. invention of tradition.


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