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Dear Paul,

In my endless search for literature materials, I’ve saw your Yahoo Member Directory Profile and read that you are a poet. Well, just like what they say “Poets are some of the most privileged individuals on earth, with the ability to express in words what most people can only feel.”

To be able to share your poems is part of this privilege. Would you like to have your poems and short stories put together in a book? All writers want that but not too many are lucky or good enough to get book deals from the traditional publishing houses. There’s an alternative – self-publishing. Instead of advance royalties and a publishing contract, you get to pay for editing, printing and marketing services but you can have your book out as quickly as four months.

Full ownership rights and creative control are guaranteed. A traditional publishing company may also find out about your book and pick it up for republication. Avoiding the hassles of dealing with the traditional publishers, writers have found a way to get things done faster and more efficiently by signing a deal with the self-publishing company Xlibris. I am an author representative and if you are interested in self-publishing, please email me.

All the best,

JC Carvel

Author Representative
Xlibris Corporation


2 thoughts on “No comment

  1. Paul,

    Don’t do it! If you WANT to self-publish, then do it yourself! Using a subsidy press isn’t self-publishing. They make their money off of their fees.

    If you really want to publish yourself, then do it ALL yourself. You can farm things out, of course (editing, typesetting, etc.).

    How many of these letters do you get each week, I wonder? Just curious.



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