playlist 26 july

Adam fieled. Rowdy dream; Illinois sky. compilation

Andrea Gibson. For eli. When the bough breaks.

Ani di franco. True story of what was. Educated guess.

Ani di franco. Parameters. Knuckledown.

Frank burton. Sign of the times. collected words: the poetry album.

Jane ormerod. The duration is killing me; Weather tales. Nashville invades manhattan.

Janet kuypers. Passport 2 outer space. Compilation.

Julianna spahr. Gentle now, don’t add to the heartache. American Poets in the 21st century. Wesleyan U Press.

Mike daily. Follow your heart; God is my friend. Roads Less Traveled. alarmdailynovel

Minton sparks. Sin sick soul; Vickie pickle’s momma. Sin sick.

Richard kostelanetz. Openings and closings (excerpt). Openings & closings.

Ward abel. Simplex the onion; Things left behind.

Gregory Taylor. Amalgam-1: silicon/bronze. RTQE records.
Tom Hamer/Gregory Taylor. There(after). RTQE records.


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