playlist 19 july

frank burton. Epiphanies; kev’s got a satellite. collected words the poetry album.

jane ormerod. taxi ride; the bowling green at night. nashville invades manhattan.

jesse glass. mourn him; untitled sequence. compilation. ahadada

karen finley. lost hope. a certain level of denial. rykodisc.

kathleen fraser. anna are you looking at me; somebody who is hooked. penn sound.

lawrence ferlinghetti. baseball canto. live at the poetry center.

maja ratkje. trio. voice. rune grammofon.

mike daily. Alarm; god is my friend. alarm. alarmdailynovel.

minton sparks. fill her up; sorrow knows this dress. this dress.

rachel kann. when i lie down beside u. compilation.

ward abel. side trip on the way to arles; this valley is full of water. compilation.

eric cook. steady state theory. asymptosy. public eyesore.
expo 70. I. center of the earth.


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