playlist 21 june

allison carter. perpetual motion machine. compilation.

barbara decesare. still life with metaphor; there’s punishment for want. adrift.

charles amirkhanian. just. 10 + 2 : 12 american text sound pieces. other minds.

charles bukowski. another academy. solid citizen. chinaski.

jeanne spicuzza. Labors; m a f i a . jean spicuzza.

jesse glass. for ralph lichtensteiger; the skull is a seed. compilation.

joan labarbara. erin. sound paintings. lovely music.

john cage kenneth patchen. selections. city wears a slouch hat. mode.

larissa shmailo. hunts point counte point. the no-net world.

michael cirelli. vinyl. berzerkeley slam. whole enchilada

murray. dolls on drugs. kxlu. g. murray thomas

nazelah jamison. my love. berzerkeley slam. whole enchilada

bob davis & jon raskin. poison hotel. the aerial v 2. nonsequitur foundation.

jim ni kim. komungo permutations. the aerial v 2. nonsequitur foundation.

koji asano. avalanches. avalanches. solstice.

nobukazu takemura. perch. 10th. thrill jockey



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