playlist 14 june


barbara decesare. Treatment; all the fuss. adrift.
christine baczewska. day of the dead. the aerial vol 1.
charles bukowski. some people. solid citizen. chinaski.
jean feraca. waking early. compilation.
jesse glass. at 52 years of age; in ears of crusted flint. compilation.
joan labarbara. shadow song. sound paintings. lovely music.
kenneth patchen. state of the nation. reads with chamber jazz sextet. cadence LP.
kenneth patchen john cage. excerpt. city wears a slouch hat. mode.
larissa shmailo. shore. the no-net world.
murray. coast highway contradiction addiction. KXLU.
phil minton. dough song 4. a doughnut in one hand. fmp.
sylvia plath. green rock winthrop bay. sylvia plath reads. caedmon.
urknee and bjurton. fortuitous accidents dreams of retaliation. free gin and tonic poets.

gregory taylor. gulu. amalgam aluminum hydrogen. palace of lights.
john cage. music for two. the piano works I. mode.


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