playlist 31 may

alaina r. alexander. land of the slutty girl. compilation.

alix olson. beautiful bones; dorothea tanning. independence meal. subtle sister

barbara decesare. bee sting; elegy. adrift.

bruce andrews. primum mobile. SUNY Buffalo 2001. penn sound

harry polkinhorn et al. tornado nose first. fire wall of flesh. audio muzixa qet

jackson mac low & anne tardos. 38th and 39th merzgedichte in memoriam. open secrets. XI

jean feraca. mater dolorosa. compilation.

joan labarbara and kenneth goldsmith. poems. 73 poems. lovely music

kenneth patchen. do the dead know what time it is. with chamber jazz sextet. cadence

larissa shmailo. for six months with you; johnny i love you dont die. the no net world. CD Baby

michael and nathalie basinski. parent child heebie jeebies. sound poetry today. temon

murray. wrong number. KXLU. instagon foundation

phil minton. para song I. doughnut in one hand. fmp

rich jensen. folly. the aerial, v 1 winter 1990. deep listening

sylvia plath. leaving early. NY Times Books.

toru takemitsu. and then I knew ’twas wind; rain tree. chamber music. naxos

vidna obmana. encountering terrain. crossing the trail. projekt


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