show notes 24 may

artist track cd title label
alaina r. alexander. the red coat. compilation.

alix olson. unsteady things; pirates. independence meal. subtle sister

bruce andrews. Valentines; devo habit. SUNY Buffalo 1992. penn sound

david moss. gimme gimme blues; is that my business. fragmentary blues.

harry polkinhorn. alone with my thoughts. fire wall of flesh. audio muzixa qet

jackson mac low. phoneme dance in memoriam john cage. open secrets. XI

jean feraca. crossing the great divide; in the japanese tearoom. rendered into paradise.

jeanne spicuzza. this mystery me this reality be; hippies in the foliage. jeanne spicuzza.

leo briones. asking for my freedom. compilation.

melody sumner carnahan. she began cutting the situation int. the time is now; Ruby’s story. the time is now. frog peak music

phil minton. dough song 3. doughnut in one hand. FMP

anouar brahem. les jardins de ziryab; sur le fleuve. le voyage de sahar. ecm


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