Nota bene

From the liner notes to the LP 10 + 2 : 12 American Text Sound Pieces:

“This record required 24 hours of editing and copy time and 1 hour of 8-track recording time, which, including tape, cost $466. Other costs: master, text, and pressing of 1M discs $799; design, pasteup, and materials $350; printing 1M jackets and inserts $415; coordination $375; distribution study $100; legal, phone, postage, secretarial, miscellaneous $375; advertising and promotion $625. Total $3,485. Additional 3M (in 1M increments) $4,695 (see above). Net unit cost $2.04. Distributors cost $2.50 cash; $2.80 payable in 60 days. Suggested rateail $6.98.”

Those were the days, eh?


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