Share your favorite sites: Tag them.

Do you save poetry sites to your Favorites or Bookmarks? Want to share your poetry resources with more people?
If you blog, your blogroll and links in your posts are good for referring readers to your sources in a kind of immediate, one-at-a-time kind of way. But to let your friends (or the world at large) really dig down and enjoy a range of resources with some depth, it’s good to share your favorite sites by posting links at Delicious, a site where people share bookmarks and favorites they have collected over a period of time.
For example, click on this link and youll see all my bookmarks tagged ‘poetry’.
You’ll also find tags I’ve used within this category, including audio, literature, poetics, radio, spoken_word, and writing.
You’ll notice a set of ‘related tags.’ This means I’ve tagged a web site with ‘poetry’ and at least one other term, including art, audio, blogs, literature, mp3, Music, podcast, poetics, radio, sound, spoken_word, or writing. That’s fine, but that’s only my collection.
For more universal results, go to the home page and search on the word ‘poetry’ and you will get the universe of pages that all Delicious users have taggedpoetry’ to date’: 46,409, in fact. Related tags include literature, writing, art, reference, books, poems, humor, audio, and english. Check it out: UbuWeb has been tagged by 2,759 people.
Here are the First 10 results of the forty six thousand-plus, including sub-tags:

1. Poetry Archive

to poetry audio literature archive readingsaved by 650 people

2. U B U W E B

to art music film video poetrysaved by 2759 people

3. PoemHunter.Com – Thousands of poems and poets.. Poetry Search Engine

to poetry literature reference poems writingsaved by 396 people

4. The home of the Poetry Foundation

to poetry literature writing arts referencesaved by 229 people

5. Funny poetry for children

to poetry kids reading writing childrensaved by 213 people

6. The Academy of American Poets

to poetry literature writing reference educationsaved by 351 people

7. Language Is A Virus

to writing language tools literature creativitysaved by 1771 people

8. deviantART: where ART meets application!

to art design graphics photography wallpapersaved by 13282 people

9. Poetry Daily, a new poem every day.

to poetry literature writing daily poemsaved by 192 people

10. Poetry 180 – Home Page

to poetry literature education writing poemssaved by 162 people

Click on the “saved by … other people” link and see who they are, and what other sites they have tagged. Now, do the same with the term “poetics.” Voila. Social networking.
So, how is Delicious better than Google or some other search engine?
Because tagging is done by humans, not by an algorithm. Delicious links and tags are created by people who know poetry and who are passionate about it. You can reap the benefits of a community of users. Now it’s your turn to add to this remarkable resource.


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