April 19: Poetry from Emerson Elementary

I’m looking forward to a special edition of Wordsalad April 19 when we will hear from close to 50 young poets from Madison’s Emerson Elementary. We got together for two half days so I could record their work and we had a great time, thanks to their teachers who encouraged them and gave them the time to create. What better way to celebrate National Poetry Month than to get a group of kids excited about writing and sharing it with the world, through the magic of radio.


2 thoughts on “April 19: Poetry from Emerson Elementary

  1. Came across your post on WordPress…and indeed, how exciting! I hail from Chicago and have only been to Madison once, but it seems like fertile ground. Hope to hear more of these future writers.


  2. Chicago has so many resources… you’re fortunate to be there. The readings and the organizations and the talented writers, just jam packed in together. Part of it is due to the large population, and part is due to people are passionate now, because someone fanned their creative fires when they were young. Thanks for the comment. Paul

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