playlist 5 april

billy collins. building with its face blown off. billy collins live. random house.

bob holman. storyline. in with the out crowd. ubu web.

eileen myles. orleans. frequency audio journal. penn sound.

ethel rackin. i keep jumping into titles. frequency audio journal. penn sound.

kurt kroncke. clanging bits of nothing. kurt kroncke album. kronkaphone.

lisa gill. ginger. mortar and pestle. reckless faith.

lisa jarnot. song of the chinchilla; ye white antarctic birds. poems from ring of fire. lisa jarnot.

lyn hejinian. my life, supplement, section 38. st mark’s new york. penn sound.

norman fischer. Philosophy’s dilemma; sunday 27 may. close listening on WPS1. penn sound.

rusty russell. Angels; the cop in the hallway. a jungle of roses.

sylvia plath. a birthday present; purdah. voice of the poet. random house audio.

tom raworth. out of the picture. SUNY Buffalo. penn sound.

anat cohen. Cypresses; lonnie’s lament. poetica. anzic records.
thomas tallis. lamentations of jeremiah; spem in alium. spem in alium. argo.


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