playlist 29 march

allen ginsberg. Kaddish III. allen ginsberg audio collection. Caedmon.

andrea gibson. yarn. when the bough breaks. andreagibson. org

billy collins. monday. billy collins live.

C K Williams. my mothers lips. academy of american poets.

janet kuypers. baggage; isnt it amazing. DMJ art connection.

leslie scalapino. delay series. way. kenning

lisa gill. aloe. mortar and pestle. reckless faith

lisa jarnot. what in fire. poems from ring of fire.

lola haskins. amor y mujer. selected poems.

norman fischer. patriotic song. penn sound

rusty russell. real life. jungle of roses.

sylvia plath. the applicant. voice of the poet. random house audio

taylor mali. baby motorcycle. difference between left and wrong. wordsmith press

tom raworth. not under holly. SUNY Buffalo. penn sound

william s burroughs. tape recorder experiment. first thought best thought. sounds true


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