playlist 22 march

Aya De Leon. 1492; Nothing Wrong With Us. Joy In the Struggle.

Christian Bok. Motorized Razors; And Sometimesss. SUNY Buffalo. Penn Sound.

Corbet Dean. An Uncalculated Kiss; On the Eve of My Best Friend’s Wedding. A Collection of Crime Scenes.

Joan Retallack. Errata Suite. U of Buffalo. Penn Sound.

Lola Haskins. Juan of the Angels. Selected Poems.

Lyn Hejinian. The Beginner; Two Cities. St. Marks NYCC. Penn Sound.

Marjory Wentworth. Manacles. Verb Audio Quarterly.

Norman Fischer. Friday 25 May; Monday 11 June. Close Listening.

Rusty Russell. Dybbuk; Idiot Savant. Jungle of Roses.

Bill Laswell. Endemic Void; Vedic. Oscillations Remixes. Sub Rosa.

Joan Wildman. First Day Tune; Disintegration of a Pitch. Orphan Folk Music.

Jocelyn Pook. Yellow Fever Psalm. Untold Things. Real World.

Russell Thorne. Places of Eld. Wolf Prophecy.

Terje Rypdal. First Movement. Lux Aeterna. ECM


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