playlist 8 march

aya de leon. & you don’t stop. joy in the struggle.

christian bok. valuveula. SUNY Buffalo 2000. penn sound

corbet dean. nietzsche’s prophecy. a collection of crime scenes.

frank o’hara. poem – hate is only one; that’s not a cross look. voice of the poet

jerome rothenberg. lorca variations. Splab 12/01.

joan retallack. Not a cage; existence is an attribute. U of Buffalo 1993. penn sound

lola haskins. will. selected poems.

lyn hejinian. happily. SUNY Buffalo 1999. penn sound

marjorie wentworth. dancing barefoot in Atlanta; marjorie wentworth. philosophy of gardenine. verb audio quarterly.

norman fischer. in a fit. close listening on WPS1. penn sound

rusty russell. hotel maid seen in a window; U-boars. a jungle of roses.

george crumb. lux aeterna. modern american music series. columbia masterworks

gregory taylor. rose variations.

morton feldman. patterns in a chromatic field. patterns in a chromatic field. tzadik


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