playlist 1 march

annie finch. interpenetrate, caribou kitchen, moon.

annie finch. my baby, spells, underwater.

aya de leon. sensitive guys. joy in the struggle.

corbet dean. get real. a collection of crime scenes.

janet kuypers. hank.

jerome rothenberg. lorca variations time. spoken word lab.

jerome rothenberg. that dada strain. spoken word lab.

joan retallack. here’s looking at you. U of Buffalo 1993. penn sound

lisa jarnot. o life force. ring of fire, black dog songs

lola haskins. why. selected poems

marjory wentworth. my purse, something burning. verb audio quarterly

norman fischer. i’d like to see it. close listening on WPS1. penn sound

rusty russell. by the river; milk moon. a jungle of roses.

thomas lux. a clearing, a meadow, in deep forest. verb audio quarterly

thomas lux. hitler’s slippers; man peddling next to his bicycle. verb audio quarterly

william s. burroughs. salt chunk mary. giorno poetry systems 3.


chas smith. Descent; false clarity. Descent. Cold blue

morton subotnick. The wild bull. The wild bull. nonesuch


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