playlist 8 february

andrea gibson. photograph. when the bough breaks

andrea gibson. yarrow. when the bough breaks

brenda coultas. opening the cabinet. rattapallax 11

charles bukowski. farewell foolish objects. 70 minutes in hell

elena alexander. isn’t it romantic. rattapallax 11

gertrude stein. madame recamier. gertrude stein reads

gertrude stein. portrait of T.S. Eliot. penn sound

jonathan chin. dirge for agha shahid ali. i quake

lauren camp. the invisible line of sleep. albuzerzque vol. 20

lola haskins. aquarium. selected poems

lola haskins. farm wife. selected poems

marc bamouthi joseph. ayana’s tears. sampler cd

marc bamouthi joseph. spoken word. sampler cd

merry fortune. inter. rattapallax 11

patrick donnelly. every night. sampler cd

patrtick donnelly. instant coffee. sampler CD

sheila chandra. speaking in tongues. moonsung

steve dalachinsky. blue #1. incomplete directions

kyle gann. long night. long night. Cold blue
rick cox. fade. Fade. Cold blue


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