show notes, 25 january

andrea gibson. see-through. when the bough breaks

andrea gibson. the moon is a kite. when the bough breaks

bob holman. Later for now. in with the out crowd

bob holman. sung to the tune of weary road. in with the out crowd

frank o’hara. ode to joy. voice of the poet

janet kuypers. how do I get there.

janet kuypers. running your own demise.

kurt kroncke. barney keyhole’s brainslap monkey.

kyi may kaung. love poem. rattapallax 11

marty mcconnell. sincerely, susan. rattapallax 13

patrick donnelly. an earful.

patrick donnelly. apologia pro vita sua.

philip gross. last days. rattapallax 13

sapphire. some different kind of books. rattapallax 11

sylvia plath. full fathom five. voice of the poet

the tape beatles. listen to the radio. the tape beatles

timothy liu. the desert fathers. rattapallax 11

daniel lentz. los tigres de marte. los tigres de marte. Cold blue
giya kanchell. simi. magnum ignotum. ecm
morton feldman. extensions 1 for violin and piano. new directions 2. columbia
morton feledman. structures for string quartet. new directions 2. columbia
steve peters. three short stories. from shelter. Cold blue


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