playlist 4 january

ann lauterbach. from ‘opening day’. live at the ear

anne sexton. what’s that. voice of the poet

chris mccreary. labyrinths. frequency audio journal

elizabeth bishop. visits to st. elizabeths. voice of the poet

jack kerouac. american haikus. blues and haikus

janet kuypers. too far. sampler cd

kurt kroncke. tooth crusty finger wipes. kronkaphone

leslie scalapino. bum series. way

nikki giovanni. and year, this is a love poem. nikki giovanni poetry collection

robert creeley. heroes, for love.

tom devaney. the rat & the flowerpot. frequency audio journal

david darling. dawn. dark wood. ecm
gregory taylor. voiceband jilt _d. voiceband jilt. Cycling 74
jon hassell, brian eno. chemistry. possible musics. Editions eg
robert fripp & brian eno. wind on water, evening star. evening star. Editions eg


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