show notes 28 december

allen ginsberg. first party at ken kesey’s. holy soul jelly roll: poems & songs

dorothy parker. one perfect rose, resume, afternoon. poetry speaks

elizabeth bishop. varick street. voice of the poet

howard nemerov. the war in the air. audio archive anthology

james wright. a blessing. century of recorded poetry

janet kuypers. death takes many forms.

janet kuypers. princess diana 1 year later. Death Comes in Threes

jonathan chin. D2O heavy water. I quake

leslie scalapino. delay series. WAY

margaret atwood. the animals in that country. caedmon poetry collection

nikki giovanni. when gamble & huff ruled. nikki giovanni poetry collection

quincy troupe. the day duke raised. audio archive anthology

urknee & bjurton. paintbrushes smack to the table. live at AV sound space

wallace stevens. the idea of order at key west. caedmon poetry collection

amy denio. tasogare. tasogare

gregory taylor. voiceband jilt _b. voiceband jilt

gregory taylor. voiceband jilt _c. voiceband jilt

pawel grabowski. but i’m not. the beautiful schizophonic

russell thorne. coherent obsession. clause larva pieces


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