show notes 14 december

charles bukowski. the first thing I remember. charles bukowski uncensored

ezra pound. mauberley. ezra pound reads

gwendolyn brooks. the near johannesburg boy. our souls have grown deep

janet kuypers. my dead daughter. cycle of life

jonathan chin. city standing. I quake

lisa gill, kurt heyl. st. john’s wort. mortar & pestle

lisa jarnot. they. ring of fire and black dog songs

lucille clifton. lucy part 6. our souls have grown deep

michael cirelli. vinyl. best of berkeley slam

nazelah jamison. my love. best of berkeley slam

stephen ausherman, hideki kanno. the third maria. the bernheim sessions

tom raworth. translation. no hard feelings: for steve lacy

urknee & bjurton. bad gramma man. round 2K3

brian eno. fixed ratio harmonic bells. bell studies for clock of the long now

john luther adams. dark wind. adams cox fink fox

michael jon fink. thread of summer. adams cox fink fox

Vlor. wires. a fire is meant for burning


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