Playlist 7 december

buddy wakefield. my town. run on anything

janet kuypers. my mother. cycle of life

lisa gill & kurt heyl. apache plume, bilberry, alfalfa, aloe. mortar & pestle

lisa jarnot. black dog song, elmslie blake pastoral, gang angles, hockey night in canada. poems from ring of fire and black dog songs

queen sheba. hate crimes. I confess….

robert creeley, steve swallow. later. so there

stephen ausherman & hideki kanno. they day they decided, hitchhiking in oklahoma. the bernheim sessions

thick girl. crush. thick girl: the album

tom raworth & peter brotzmann. oxbow VI/2, death to a star. no hard feelings (for steve lacy)

urknee & bjurton russell. mask & truth. free gin & tonic poets

Expo 70. live at infrasonic. july 18 2004

harold budd. distant lights of olancha recede. by the dawn’s early light

warren burt. the animation of lists. the animation of lists


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