Raworth and company

Got to see Tom Raworth read last night at Milwaukee’s Woodland Pattern bookshop. He was accompanied by Peter Brotzmann, who improvised musical interludes between poems. Brotzmann’s volume and intensity matched Raworth’s rapid delivery. They were preceded by Cheryl Lynn Bruce and Josh Abrams performing “Pickling” by Suzan-Lori Parks. Woodland Pattern offers an impressive selection of chapbooks, anthologies, zines, audio CDs, you name it.
The evening was part of a series produced by Experimental Sound Studio‘s 2006 Outer Ear Festival of Sound.


2 thoughts on “Raworth and company

  1. Paul: only sorry the Milwaukee visit was so brief: I’m always impressed how Anne and Karl have kept Woodland Pattern going all these years. Regards, Tom

  2. Tom, my friends and I enjoyed the performance and we picked up a copy of the Duet CD you recorded with Brotzmann. (I’m sure Steve Lacy would have approved.) We hope you can come back to the midwest before too long.

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