playlist 2 november

adrienne rich. trying to talk with a man. voice of the poet

aya de leon. calling. joy in the struggle

eli rosenblatt. delores’ home. freedom to speak national poetry slam 2002

gertrude stein. madame recamier. gertrude stein reads

jonathan chin. looking glass. I quake

katie daley. brigid mulrooney. freedom to speak national poetry slam 2002

muriel rukeyser. night feeding. poetry speaks

queen sheba. i confess. I confess

sekou (tha misfit). when I grow up. afrodeezyackz

soul evans. the cycle. to tell the truth

steve dalachinsky. the saxophone factory. incomplete directions

sylvia plath. lady lazarus. poetry speaks

taalam acey. living come alive. underground heavy

urknee & bjurton. streets of fairport. urknee & bjurton russell


arvo part | spiegel im spiegel | alina

david ochs | ambient salad |

michael jon fink | as is thought/ aurora | dancing on water

paul ellis | bend in the river | into the liquid unknown

pauline oliveros | lion’s tale for sampler | lion’s eye

WordSalad theme: jocelyn pook, yellow fever psalm


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