playlist 19 october

artist | track | cd title

queen sheba. black peace. I confess. . .

kurt kroncke. clanging bits of nothing, huzzah for the quilkee leftover, hairy lips of bindelopene, go pisquadilflate yourself.

camille dungy, billie holiday. from the fishouse.

taylor mali. like lily like wilson. conviction.

aya de leon, thin line/stop the war. joy in the struggle.

jonathan chin, identity crisis. I quake.

heather mchugh, what he thought. academy of american poets audio archive anthology.

buddy wakefield. convenience stores. run on anything.

patricia smith, terrell’s take. new high score: best of nyc-urbana 2004

steve dalachinsky, if cars could fly, james dean. incomplete directions.

gertrude stein, christian berard, she bowed to her brother. poetry speaks (sourcebooks, inc.)

h.d. from helen in egypt. poetry speaks. (sourcebooks, inc.)

chas smith. nikkowolverine

david sylvian & holger czukay. flux and mutability

thomas ferrell and kevin schaefer. musical cathechism

television power. electric


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